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Amazon Selling

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Hide Columns

Watch this video to learn how to hide columns on OAXRAY for Amazon FBA.

3 Ways You Can Use The Oaxray Tool

If you aren’t sure how to get the best use out of Oaxray, here's 3 different ways...

Do you love the one click ease with which you can use OAXRAY to source products for you and generate scouting reports on products to resell on Amazon?

With OAXRAY, one click used to only show you what all the products would be worth if you flipped them on Amazon. But with this new “Automated End-to-End Amazon Solution,” you won’t have to do hardly any more work at all in your Amazon business.

To begin the process, you’ll need to enable the “Automated Purchasing” in your settings. The first thing you do is setup your spending thresholds in your settings and register your payment method(s). Then you’re ready for Amazon easy street.

Click on a page like you normally do when sourcing with OAXRAY. If you’ve enabled the automated buying feature, OAXRAY will now purchase all the items that meet your “My Buys” criteria. Be sure to set up your rank, net profit, and ROI thresholds on the main tab of the extension. 

Anything that meets your My Buys criteria will be automatically purchased. How does it know how many items to purchase, you ask? OAXRAY’s advanced algorithm will automatically determine the best number of each product to buy based on your available capital, historic pricing data, time of year, number of sellers sharing the buy box and other relevant factors.

1. Lightning Fast Look Up in 3rd Party Sites

Quickly check any ASIN in KEEPA (free), Camelcamelcamel (free), and Webscout. Information not available right on OAXRAY is just one click away and will open in a new tab so you won't lose anything.

2. Stay on Top of Deals & Price Changes

Buy List Refresh TOOL

The market is dynamic, stay on top of it, refresh often, profit. It is really that simple!

Quickly check any ASIN in KEEPA, Camelcamelcamel or send to Webscout.

3. Outsmart Competitors with "Currently Unavailable on Amazon" Filter

Remember yesterday's lesson about saturation? This is a great way to handle that.

Find items that are currently unavailable on Amazon & capitalize on the lack of competition!

POWER SOURCING TIP: It is against Amazon Terms of Service to use your Prime benefits or any sort of Amazon Affiliate (associate) links for these types of buys. Be sure to perform these flips in a manner congruent with Amazon TOS.

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4. Get Creative w/ Lead Data & Export All Your Work into .CSV Spreadsheets

You can easily share these leads with your team or keep them offline for easy access.

Gain Insights into more than just one store at a time. You can easily discover the cheapest price available on all 900+ supported sites.

POWER SOURCING TIP: Carefully note quantity limits for stores you use frequently. This will help you guage anticipated competition. Products that are not faster turning and do not have strict in-stock quantities or per-buyer limits may become saturated.

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